Do you like to read? Or write? Or perhaps, like to click photographs? I think you’ve found the right place for yourself!

The purpose of this blog was to be a source of information, entertainment, and being a voice in this world of 7 billion people. I hope that is intriguing enough to lure you all in, XD, just kidding.

You will find content such as book reviews, some original poems here and there, and some photography of things that are aesthetic in the public eye. You will also find things that may help you. I hope.

Reading books is one of the only thing we share in common with our ancestors in a PG 13 way… This blog will provide you with pictures of books, with their reviews.  I hope those reviews would be compelling enough to set an impression in your mind about it.

Writing is one of the things I’ve taken an interest in. It all started as simple silly poems on friendship and trees… but then converted to our daily life struggles. The important point is, I believe in interaction, therefore every type of comment, review and tips are welcomed in all the posts this blog has so far contained.

Anyone and everyone loves to be a photographer, this user is no different. We all take great joy in capturing our surroundings in a piece of paper or in a tiny space of software to keep us aware that there are some things which are worth it.

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