Hi my name is Neha Pandey. I am a new blogger in the world of internet… since I recognized my passion for writing, I started my own blog. Before considering my own website, I started on other writing platforms, such as wattpad and archive of our own, in writing fanfictions.

My Origin Of Writing…

I realized my passion for writing during the Lockdown of 2020 because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many of us didn’t had anything to do, so as the saying goes… ‘An empty mind is a devil’s home’

So, after my phase of fanfictions, I decided to start writing something new that might help people and the future generations. (I am starting to sound a bit old… but that’s fine in my POV) I intend to make this a mixture of all types of blogs, by including everything from writing short stories to life and fashion advice.

I hope people like whatever I post, and also hope that whatever I write will be helpful and informative!